maandag 18 april 2022

Kom samen met ons onze kasuitbreiding bouwen! / Come build our greenhouse extension with us!

Join us in capturing the excess energy from the sun, and in spending its surplus wealth in abundant generosity! 😝😝 Over the coming weeks we will begin to build the walls and roof of a greenhouse for the extension of the Do-It-Yourself Workshop. 🌸🌱

If you want to learn some building tips, or join the work, or just move your body, come build with us!  🛠💪 We will begin working the weekend of April 23 and 24 and will continue working each following weekend, but check our schedule here for updates.  The working hours are from 11:00 - 19:00.

Last summer and fall we got together and built the floor of the new space and now we are ready for framing!   The extension will be a polycarbonate (corrugated plastic on wood frame) greenhouse beside the shipping container we are currently occupying which will allow us to stay dry and protected from wind and cold as much as possible! 

And in the spirit of the workshop we want to build the space together with our friends and neighbors!  💕 

The working days will be choreographed by Tomi and Fraser who can help walk you through what we have done so far, and why, and what we plan next, and why we made those plans so you can join us in conceiving and implementing the assembly as we keep going.   Some details have been thought out but much spacing is left to be determined on site with our bodies, the tree and the environment.   We have tools and we can show you how we use them if you would like a lil demo.  🙂

And if you have any favorite tools (especially power drills) you are very welcome to bring them, and any other appendages that give you power.  🔋💓❤️‍🔥🔩

Lunch will be provided! Veggie also
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Have an idea for functions in the new space?
The completed glasshouse, which will be beautifully full of bike parts and plants, will be kept as an open and flexible workspace, but also with space for lounging and a small library wall. We want to open the space up as much as possible to other groups or residents of the neighborhood that would like to do activities here or host meetings, or just simply need a place to gather with friends. If you have any ideas for events, activities or other functions of the space, please get in touch with us and if there is anything in the design to facilitate this we would love to do it!
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The 'Doe-Het-Zelf Werkplaats' is a workshop space in Rotterdam Noord where you can fix and build things, using the tools and materials that are available. The workshop is mainly geared at learning to repair bicycles, but you are more than welcome to work on other projects. Previous knowledge of bikes or tools are not at all necessary and the volunteers are always there to work together with visitors, learning and problem solving together, in caring exchange. The DHZ is an entirely non-commercial collectively-run space operating on donations of tools, spare parts and the time of the volunteers, which are in-turn shared with the public in reciprocal generosity. The DHZ centers anti-judgmental (queer) failure and collective learning as a way of making accessible repair skills/spaces especially to folks who might not feel comfortable in typical DIY spaces.
More information can be found on our website:
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Schout Heynricstraat, Rotterdam