vrijdag 28 mei 2021

Help Us Build Our Workshop Extension! / Help ons bij het bouwen van onze werkplaatsuitbreiding!

Help us keep the Do-It-Yourself Workshop out of the rain! We are going to build a beautiful glasshouse extension around and beside the shipping container in which the Do-It-Yourself Workshop is currently housed, so we can fix bicycles comfortably in all weather conditions! The building project will mainly use found and recycled materials. But not everything we need is on the street! You can help us in three ways: by sharing materials, by sharing money and by joining us in building! 

To contribute to our crowdfunding: https://www.whydonate.nl/fundraising/doehetzelfwerkplaats

For a full look at our project plan, you can check out our in-depth building report here: https://tinyurl.com/dhzreport

To see full list of materials we need (with pictures): www.tinyurl.com/dhzlijst

Rebuilding after the fire

In February of 2020 the previous home of the DIY Workshop, (of more than five years), was partially burned and we were forced to relocate. Fortunately we were able to move nearby to a shipping container in a neighborhood park on the Banierstraat in Agniesebuurt in which we spent the whole summer having fun fixing bikes in the sunny park. We love our new home, but to make it long-term sustainable and workable in bad weather we need to increase the indoor space. We will professionally build, in collaboration with our visitors and our wider community, a space which will keep the publicly visible and playful workshop environment alive, as well as provide more room for a wide range of functions that the neighborhood can make use of. In the spirit of the workshop, we will also open the building process as a series of learning workshops for anyone who is interested to build with us. Our home is your home! We are excited for this new chapter!

Have an idea for functions in the new space?

The completed glasshouse, which will be beautifully full of bike parts and plants, will be kept as an open and flexible workspace, but also with space for lounging and a small library wall. We want to open the space up as much as possible to other groups or residents of the neighborhood that would like to do activities here or host meetings, or just simply need a place to gather with friends. If you have any ideas for events, activities or other functions of the space, please get in touch with us and if there is anything in the design to facilitate this we would love to do it!